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Dawn, P.I.

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What mystery lurks in Marlowe High? Become a detective in this point-and-click adventure game and solve the case!

If you enjoy detective stories, escape games and puzzles, Dawn, P.I. is the game for you. Become Dawn, a high schooler with a penchant for investigation and occasional property damage. Explore the school to find clues and solve puzzles to ultimately get to the bottom of the case: why is Meg's horoscope suddenly working?

Is someone interfering with the school paper? Why are people missing? Why is the librarian so annoying? And what in the world is "The Guiding Wind"?

Fully hand-drawn and -animated, Dawn, P.I. will transport you to a cartoon noir world, where you'll have to be sharp and creative to advance in every step. Sweep rooms for objects to help you on your investigation and interrogate everyone to uncover their hidden secrets.

* Pocket games are free, but they only allow you to play on Easy mode and some of the achievements can't be unlocked.